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What if my item arrives damaged?

Please keep all the original packaging and invoice. Without that, we may not be able to file a claim with the carrier and refund you and/or send replacements. We must be notified within 7 days of shipment delivery according to the tracking information.

What if my item is lost in transit or late for delivery?

We will do our best to get your shipments to you as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Covid and other factors can slow the shipping process. If your item has not arrived on its due date, please contact us. We will contact the carrier and keep you updated on any details. Be aware that delayed shipments can take up to 60 days to receive. We will not refund any money until the carrier has deemed the shipment lost. Please be patient as the process works out.

What if it shows my item was delivered but I did not receive it?

Please notify us within 24 hours. Failure to do so will negate any assistance on our part to help locate the shipment. In addition, check with your neighbors to see if they saw the carrier deliver the package. There is also the possibility that the tracking is incorrect. We will do our best to find out where your package is located.

What happens if I receive the wrong item or my order is unavailable?

If you receive the wrong product, please notify us within 7 days of the delivery date. Please keep all original packaging and your invoice.

If your order is unavailable, we will issue a refund or adjust your order with a replacement at your discretion.


Do you purchase collections or other items?

Yes, please email us pictures and descriptions of the items you wish to sell. We also trade for your items too. We'll cover the shipping with a prepaid label we email to you.

Do all comics ship bagged and boarded?

Multi-order comics are shipped bagged and boarded front and back. Any single issue orders will ship bagged and boarded. Most graphic novels ship bagged and boarded in a bag with appropriate protection. The same for magazines and other print items.

Do stock photos represent the actual covers for new releases?

No, publishers can change the final artwork without notice to vendors.

How are your comics graded?

For grading services, we are authorized dealers for CBCS. We use the Overstreet Grading Guide to assist in how we grade raw comics. See the scale below for reference:

  • NM - Near Mint 9.2-9.8
  • VF - Very Fine/NM 7.5-9.0
  • FN - Fine 5.5-7.0
  • VG - Very Good 3.2-5.0
  • GD - Good 1.8-3.0
  • FR - Fair 1.0-1.5
  • PR - Poor .5

This is a ten-point scale ranging from 10 (highest) to 0.5 (lowest) None of our raw comics will ever be graded above a NM.

Consider all new comics from the publisher to be in the NM condition, unless otherwise noted. This NM status can include small spine stresses, minor denting, some corner blunting, and minor color breaks. This typically happens via the way comics are shipped to the vendor.

The next category would be our comics in the very fine/NM range. These will be the majority of our back stock or new titles that are over 30 days old. These will have minor defects such as corner wear, some spine stress, some color breaks, dents, and small bends or folds. Basically, a well-kept copy.

Fine can have a slight spine roll, minimal spine stresses, which can break color, and a small spine split. With a possible impact corner and light foxing (discoloration due to age or exposure).

Very good will further wear. Most of this would be considered a "reader's copy." Can have small spine roll, spine split, and/or other tears. Can be attached by only one staple, cover discoloration with some water damage.

Good will have major defects. However, it can still be read. Spine crease the length of the book, considerable spine split, cover completely detached, large tears, heavy foxing.

The differences between Fair and Poor are multiple missing pages, portions of pages cut out such as ads or coupons. Heavy amounts of water damage, foxing, and deterioration.