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All Things Nerdy Expo Vol. 13

Note: This event has already ended.

Join us for a two-day event featuring legendary comic book inker, Keith Williams!

Date & Time
Saturday, May 6: 10am - 5pm
Sunday, May 7: 11am - 3pm

B&B Collections - 1301 Stone St., Jonesboro, AR 72401

Special Guest
Keith Williams has had an impressive career in the comic book industry, starting out as a background inker at Marvel Comics in the early 80s. He worked alongside some of the biggest names in the business, including Joe Sinnott and Mike Esposito.

He was the first person to join Romita's Raiders, the art apprentice program initiated by editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and run by art director John Romita.

Event Info

Date: May 6, 2023 - May 7, 2023
Location: 1301 Stone St, Jonesboro, AR, USA

Guest Appearances

Keith Williams
Keith is the legendary comic book inker from Marvel Comics. He has worked on numerous series: Alpha Flight, Transformers, Action Comics, Web of Spider-Man, Quasar, Robocop, Sensational She-Hulk, U.S.Agent, Ravage 2099, The Mask, Star Wars, and more.